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Advanced Course on Applied Pharmacometrics

November 5-7, 2018, Chateau de Longcol (France)

This is a 3-day course designed to present advanced concepts on pharmacometrics using novel methodologies based on integrated drug-disease-trial models, surface response analysis and clinical trial simulation.

Course outline


Advanced PK modeling

  • Characterize the complex in-vivo absorption processes of extended release formulations (ER) and Long Acting Injectable (LAI) formulations using convolution-based approach

  • Evaluate In-Vitro/In-Vivo correlation methods, including convolution-deconvolution approach


Advanced exposure-response modeling

  • Evaluate the relationship between drug exposure and clinical response

  • Develop models accounting for the confounding role of time varying placebo response in the assessment of the clinical response

  • Handling acute tolerance effect

  • Estimate the probability of clinical benefit of a treatment


Optimizing drug performances

  • Implement drug optimization strategies using surface-response analysis

  • Determine the relationship between drug delivery and clinical benefit

  • Determine dose, dosage regimen and dosing strategies for optimizing the clinical benefit


 Course objectives

  • To develop a population PK model for describing multiphase absorption profiles

  • To implement IVIVC using convolution-based modeling approach

  • To implement exposure-response models accounting for time varying placebo response and drug relate response

  • To evaluate the relative impact of the immediate and the delayed drug release on the therapeutic response

  • To determine the optimal drug formulation profiles for optimizing the performances of novel drug formulations

  • To evaluate optimal drug performances (i.e. dose, dosage regimen, in-vivo release properties) using surface response analysis and non-linear optimizer tools


Course material

The R scripts (including Shiny based applications) used in the hands-on sessions and the NONMEM control streams will be distributed to the participants. The material includes:

  • the convolution/deconvolution analysis,

  • the clinical trial simulator for describing the clinical response in presence of placebo and active drug response,

  • the estimation of the optimal in-vitro dissolution profiles

  • the convolution/deconvolution analysis,

  • the non-linear optimizer used in the surface-response analysis

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